May 2014

A Minute of Silence
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Shiva wakes up to find she has been asleep for three years. In that time, the world around it has changed dramatically. His friends and family seem different. Foreigners act strangely. It is Iran in 1980 and is just slept during the Islamic Revolution.
For the next ten years, Shiva continues to fall asleep for years at a time. Every time she wakes up, he is a new change, it must try to understand: the case of her husband, the war with Iraq, and a series of murders of dissident artists. A Moment of Silence looks at a family shattered by personal and political crisis. One of the most beloved games of the Iranian past 30 years, the award-winning drama Mohammad Yaghoubi is a surreal meditation, poetic, comical and surprisingly on the turbulent history of Iran.

Written by: Mohammad Yaghobi
Director: Mehdi Goleij
French version: Liliane Anjo

Performers: Aki Yaghoobi, Mehrnaz Karan, Mohammad Karimian, Nikta sabouri, Omid Ajam Hasani, Mazyar Shahcheraghi, Fatemeh Dehghani

Poster and brochure : Neda Rad

10 may 2014
Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Montréal
11 may 2014
Theatre studio, University of Ottawa

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