May 2016

Daughter of Narenj and Toranj


(for Children)
Daughter Narenj and Toranj is a drama inspired legends and Iranian stories written by Amin Shirazi, which was staged in 2008 at the salon Honar. This work was rehabilitated by Nora Zarkandi which focused on human notions and environmental protection. Mehdi Goleij staged this work to the third edition of “Vazheh-ha” Festival

Directed and designed by Mehdi Goleij
Written by Nora Zarkandi
Based on a play by Amin Shirazi

Meshkat Rajabi, Kiana Saebnia, Yalda Sedigh, Kian Heydari, Yassaman Sad

Photographer: Masoud Pakdel

the Third “Words” Festival
Amphitheater of the Gesù, Montréal
Sunday, 1 May 2016

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