November 2015

Star Spangled Girl


The story is a love triangle mixed with politics. Andy and Norman are radicals who are barely living by working on their magazine Fallout, which is dedicated to the fight against “the system” in America. Sophie, a former Olympic swimmer, is a Southern girl every American who moves into the next apartment. It is love at first sight (or the game, first the smell) to Norman, but his feelings are not mutual. Norman’s obsession with Sophie Andy made the hire just to keep the magazine going. Sophie then falls for Andy, but they disagree politically, threatening to destroy the magazine and the friendship of men.

Translated by : Shahram Zargar
Director : Mehdi Goleij

Performers : Naeim Jebellii, Yasha Khozooi, Nora Zarkandi

Assistant Director: Amin Shirazi
Play supervisor: Âzin Norouzi
Set Designer / Costume Designer: Elahe marjovi
Poster and Brochure Designer: Amin Shirazi