About Us

The artistic mandate of the Goussan Theatre is defined by a constant pursuit of performances of high artistic quality. The company is committed to creating theatrical works that go beyond mere representation, offering profound reflections on life, art, and contemporary challenges facing humanity. Goussan Theatre productions stand out for their meticulous artistic approach and their ambition to provoke contemplation among the audience. The texts created by the company are conceived as works that address universal and current themes, such as war, immigration, and many other challenges facing contemporary society. These sensitive and complex subjects are handled with depth and artistic sensitivity, aiming to stimulate both the intellect and emotions of the spectators.

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About Us

Our History

Established in 2015, ``Goussan`` is a dedicated theatre company with two goals. First, by translating the original Iranian texts into both French and English, it hopes to offer a new perspective on them. This project highlights the diversity and complexity of Iranian culture while opening doors to contemporary Iranian literature for readers who know French and English.

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    • Comedic theatre has always been a powerful means of criticizing and challenging established systems. In a dictatorial regime, where freedom of expression is often suppressed, comedic art becomes a subtle but effective weapon to resist and awaken consciences.

    • The theatre of immigration is a captivating space where various cultures come together and blend. It provides a platform to showcase the myths and archetypes of the home country within the host society. However, this integration is not always straightforward

    • Although theatre is a universal medium of expression, immigrants face special difficulties with it. A linguistic and cultural barrier must frequently be surmounted when relocating to a new nation. These difficulties are made worse for theatre performers who are immigrants.


    Meet the Montreal team:

    President and Artistic Director.
    Secretary, Playwright, and Performer.
    Master of Web and Technology.

    Meet the Toronto team:

    Director and Playwright
    Master of Web and Technology.
    Associate Artist. Graphic Artist.
    Associate Artist. Actor and Playwright.


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