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Goussan's philosophy

``Goussan`` is an ancient tradition among Iranian peoples, where storytellers and musicians, known as ``Goussanha,`` dedicated themselves to telling stories since ancient times. These stories, passed down from generation to generation, were recited orally, from father to child, forming a precious oral heritage. The ``Goussanha`` were storytellers, musicians, and improvisers who preserved and transmitted tales of heroes and, at times, passionate love narratives in the form of theatrical performances, accompanied by games and recited in verse.

They learned these stories from their masters, but they didn't feel obligated to memorize and retell them exactly as their masters had taught them. In each performance, depending on the context and their inspiration, they made modifications to the details of the stories, changing the tone, rhythm, and expression, thereby creating unique and captivating versions, adding elements of innovation to the diversity of narratives.

Our History

Goussan is a committed theatre company that was established in 2015 with a noteworthy dual aim. First, by translating the original Iranian texts into both French and English, it hopes to offer a new perspective on them. This project highlights the diversity and depth of Iranian culture while opening up modern Iranian literature to Francophone and Anglophone readers.

In parallel, Goussan has also undertaken a second mission that is equally essential: the creation of theatrical texts through research-creation. Research-creation holds a central place in Goussan's working process. It is a fundamental step in their artistic and creative approach. This approach involves conducting in-depth investigations, explorations, and experiments to develop original ideas and concepts that will then be transformed into unique theatrical texts. Research-creation allows Goussan to explore new forms of artistic expression, expand the boundaries of theater, and push the limits of creativity. It is a process that encourages risk-taking, innovation, and the exploration of new artistic perspectives. By combining research and creation, the company manages to create theatrical works that are both intellectually stimulating, emotionally powerful, and aesthetically captivating. Inventing theatrical texts through research-creation enables ``Goussan`` to develop unique narratives and bring to life stories that reflect contemporary concerns and the realities of our time. This also allows the company to create original productions with a distinct voice, providing the audience with unique and engaging theatrical experiences.

This second purpose, which is centred on research-creation, has enabled ``Goussan`` to keep adding unique and risk-taking productions to the Quebec theatrical environment. The company is crucial to the development of a dynamic and forward-thinking theatre, advancing the development and variety of theatrical art in Quebec.

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Artistic Mandate:

The artistic mandate of Goussan Theatre is defined by a constant pursuit of performances of high artistic quality. The company is committed to creating theatrical texts that go beyond mere representation, offering profound reflections on life, art, and the contemporary challenges of humanity. Théâtre de Goussan's productions stand out for their meticulous artistic approach and their ambition to provoke contemplation among the audience. The texts created by the company are conceived as works that address universal and current themes, such as war, immigration, and many other challenges facing contemporary society. These sensitive and complex subjects are handled with depth and artistic sensitivity, aiming to stimulate both the intellect and emotions of the spectators.

Beyond mere representation, Goussan Theatre is committed to raising awareness among the audience by shedding light on societal issues and prompting reflection on the questions that shape our world. The texts created by the company carry a socially engaged discourse aimed at fostering mutual understanding, challenging biases, and encouraging critical reflection on the realities of our society.

The artistic work of Goussan Theatre is nurtured by a meticulous approach to every aspect of theatrical creation, while also highlighting improvisation. The company is fully engaged in the writing of texts, directing, actor direction, and stage design. Its aim is to present performances of exceptional artistic rigor, where high-quality interpretation and the creativity of improvisation come together to provide an immersive and unforgettable theatrical experience.

Goussan Theatre considers improvisation a key element of its creative process. By allowing actors to explore, react, and create in the moment, improvisation brings spontaneity and freshness to the performance. This creates a dynamic interaction among the actors, thus stimulating the energy and authenticity of the performance. Within the company, the writing of texts is also enriched by moments of improvisation, allowing ideas to freely flourish and find their ultimate form. This creative approach fosters the emergence of authentic dialogues, moments of truth, and a deep connection between the characters and the audience. The direction and actor guidance at Théâtre de Goussan also incorporate elements of improvisation. This gives actors the freedom to explore different approaches, take artistic risks, and offer unique performances in every show. The creativity and adaptability of improvisation push the boundaries of direction, creating captivating and unique theatrical experiences at each performance. Scenic design at Théâtre de Goussan is also influenced by improvisation. Sets and visual elements are designed to be adaptable, providing opportunities for adjustment and transformation based on spontaneous artistic choices that arise during rehearsals and performances. By emphasizing improvisation, Théâtre de Goussan is committed to offering live, dynamic, and ever-evolving performances. This artistic approach allows for the exploration of new creative paths, embracing uncertainty, and providing the audience with unique and enriching theatrical experiences.