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9428 is the story of a child, torn from the bosom of his homeland to live in a new land, facing the unknown. It's a tale of confronting his fears, taming them, and learning to live with them. Arman, a recent immigrant child from the Middle East, arrives in Canada with his parents. As Arman tries to adapt to the new world, a shape-shifting monster, 9428, frequently visits him to remind him of the fears and challenges that the new environment has imposed on the family. Arman's only refuge is an imaginary world filled with colors, dreams, and music.

Director's Note:

In "9428," Shirazi tells the story of a child torn from the bosom of his homeland to settle in a new land and face the unknown. Most of the play's events are based on true stories of immigrants, including that of the author. The play also aims to raise awareness among young adults about the challenges that new members of our community may face upon their arrival. These struggles and challenges may not be visible, but living with them can be frustrating and create ongoing anxiety. As BIPOC artists, it is essential to highlight these challenges and create a cultural bridge of hope between the old and new worlds to make the transition process more visible to everyone. The performance style is based on traditional Iranian theater techniques of two artists, Ta'zieh and Naqali, on a semi-circular stage where all actors will be present throughout the show as different characters.

Awards and Media:

The Tosho Cutting Edge Award: A publicly voted award representing the most cutting-edge show in the festival. Winning shows and voters are entered in a contest to win a prize from Tosho Knife Arts.
‘9428’ is a young child’s compelling immigration story at this year’s Fringe festival, By Joshua Chong Staff Reporter, Toronto Star Link: https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/stage/9428-is-a-young-child-s-compelling-immigration-story-at-this-year-s-fringe-festival/article_d5a29a3a-2883-5f68-87d2-59ef87598a4a.html
REVIEW: 9428 BY GOUSSAN THEATRE COMPANY, Jenn Boulay, Toronto Fringe Link: https://fringetoronto.com/about/future-voices/9428
Remarkably, Amin Shirazi, for whom English was a second language, was awarded the first prize for his play "9428", intended for a young audience, in the category of New Play at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2020. It was a huge honor for him to receive this recognition for his play in English.

A young child's compelling journey through immigration, '9428' is a poignant and must-see highlight of this year's Fringe festival.

Joshua Chong / Toronto Star Staff Reporter

9428 is a deeply moving and eye-opening experience that brings the realities of immigration to the forefront; a must-see for all.

Jenn Boulay / Interdisciplinary Performance Artist and Theatre Reviewer