One Minute of Silence (Reading in French)

Lecture en français / Montréal




Shiva wakes up and realizes she has been asleep for three years. At that moment, the world around her has undergone a radical transformation. Her friends and family seem different. Strangers are acting strangely. It is 1980, and she was asleep during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. For the next ten years, condemned to this forced hibernation, Shiva continues to fall asleep, only to wake up a few years later. Each time she awakens, there is yet another change she must try to understand: her husband's case, the war with Iraq, and a series of murders of dissident artists. "One Minute of Silence" tells the story of a family disrupted by personal and political crisis. One of Iran's most beloved political plays of the past 30 years, Mohammad Yaghoubi's award-winning drama is a surreal, poetic, and surprisingly comedic meditation on Iran's tumultuous history. May 10, 2014: Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Montreal May 11, 2014: Theatre Studio, Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa